Heroic Marketing

27 Jun 2018
8:30 am

Heroic Marketing

Marketing used to be easy. You know… make a website, plan an event, run a partner announcement ad in the local paper and you were good to go. When did things get so complicated? Marketers used to be able to be right-brain brand champions with creative chops. Now, you’re also expected to also be left-brain, metrics-driven, data evangelists who order hardware, customize software, and instantly know the ROI of a Linkedin article.

You’re not alone. Your prospects are just as confused. They feel like they’re in the middle of Times Square surrounded by slick promotional messages from suddenly marketing savvy professional services firms all competing for time and attention. Quite frankly, they don’t know where to look. Neither do you. Articles contradict themselves, thought leaders disagree with one another, and partners within your own firm may detract your focus with reactive requests.

You don’t need marketing. You need Heroic Marketing.

You need a flexible and dynamic approach to marketing that can be as sophisticated as the CMO needs it to be yet still simple enough that the non-marketers in your firm can understand it as they pop their head in your office and ask, “Hey, what’s our strategy on AI?”

This humorous and insightful session will do just that. It’ll illustrate how all great marketing organizations (and the people who lead them) really focus on 3 things: What they think. What they do. What they say. Put another way, #ThinkDoSay. It’s not only effective. It’s Heroic.

See you there