Stacey Morrow

Lead Account Manager, InterAction

Scott Winter

Director of Product Management, InterAction

Brad Holst

Principal & Executive Director, Mandel Communications

Brad Stites

Director of Sales, LexisNexis

Meghan Frank

Director of Marketing, Software Solutions

Khang Pham

Senior Product Manager, InterAction

Mo Bunnell

Founder & CEO, Bunnell Idea Group, Inc.

Kara Love

Senior UX Manager, InterAction

Carrie Johnson

Director of Product Marketing, InterAction

Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur, Co-founder of 52Kards, CEO of Luminary Productions

Scott Wallingford

Vice President & General Manager, Law Firm Software Solutions, LexisNexis

Jim Davidson

Keynote Speaker

Elena Cutri

Director of Education Services, Software Solutions

Dr. David Jacobs

InterAction Client Advisor