InterAction Impact Awards Description

This year, InterAction® wants to recognize clients that have gone above and beyond, using new and innovative solutions to make their firms distinctive. The InterAction Impact Awards gives customers an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in the following three categories:

  • Innovation in CRM
  • Excellence in End User Adoption
  • Achievement in Business Development

To enter this contest, you must first select the award category you are applying for. You will then be asked to answer four questions regarding the original challenges you overcame and the innovative solutions used to address those challenges.

The InterAction Impact Awards Contest will choose three winners—one for each category—and award each winner a free pass to this year’s Accelerate conference. The award recipients will also work with the InterAction team to deliver a 10-minute session during Accelerate to highlight their achievements.

InterAction Impact Award Application

Nominee Name (Firm)

Nominee Representative(s)

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Impact Award Categories

1. Describe a challenge your firm has overcome in 300 words

2. Describe how your firm overcame the problem mentioned above in 300 words

3. Describe how this solution differentiates your firm within the industry in 300 words

4. Describe the results obtained by implementing/executing this solution in 300 words