Concurrent Breakout Discussions
Day 1
17 Sep 2019
Day 2
18 Sep 2019
Day 3
19 Sep 2019
10:15 am - 10:30 am


InterAction Update

Speaker: Scott Winter
2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for InterAction and this session with walk through the ways this product is evolving to address the things that matter most to our clients.


InterAction Ecosystem Opens
See all the ways the InterAction Ecosystem in working together to drive results for your firm. Speak with members of our team as well as key partners and demo the InterAction portfolio to see how the enhancements and evolutions will benefit your firm.
2:30 pm - 2:45 pm


Break Out Workshop: Defining and Executing your Business Development Strategy

Facilitators: Mo Bunnel and Brad Stites
With increased competition and market disrupters, growing your firm is harder than ever before. Differentiation is difficult—law firm clients say most everyone looks the same. More and more work is getting commoditized. But, there’s one area lawyers can still easily differentiate themselves: how they develop business. With few doing it well, it’s the one area that can return quick results. Join growth experts Mo Bunnell and Brad Stites as they facilitate a hands-on workshop guiding you through a proven six-step process to take your BD strategy to the next level. It will be interactive, action-oriented, and dare we say, fun. No matter where you are today, buckle up. This session will take things to the next level. Get ready to think big, start small and scale up.

Break Out Workshop: What’s Your Story?: Defining and Executing an Effective End-User Adoption Strategy

Facilitators: Elena Cutri, Kara Love, Khang Pham
The ability to tell the story is crucial for anyone who wants end users to adopt new marketing technology. A good story will personalize your message and resonate with your audience, if it connects to what they want or need. Many firms think about the story when designing training, but that’s too late! Identifying your personas and their ‘conflict’ should happen much earlier in the implementation. Carrying the story throughout the implementation will enhance engagement, improve user experience and make your users become MarTech advocates. If your end users can identify with your stories, your end user adoption will soar! This workshop will focus on identifying the barriers and how to address them throughout the project. Workshop Objectives:
  • Identify your MarTech stories about barriers you’ve experienced around adoption
  • Hear how to use personas to guide your implementation
  • Engage your end users with persuasive storytelling and begin to drive adoption in your firm
3:45 pm - 4:00 pm



InterAction EcoSystem
9:45 am - 10:00 am


Professional Development Session

Speaker: Carrie Johnson

* Agenda subject to change.