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26 Jun 2017
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27 Jun 2017
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28 Jun 2017

Pre-Conference Sessions: Mapping the Client Journey & Business Development by Design

Client Focus Mentality & Best Practices for Managing Time, Talent and Technology to Differentiate your High-Value Practices

Welcome to LexisNexis Accelerate 2017

Gil Wolchock
Scott Wallingford

Keynote Address

Dawn Hudson

2017 CMO / CBDO State of the Industry Survey

Jim McGrew
Jim McGrew
Alina Gorokhovsky
Lacey Ford
Doug Johnson

Growth While Doing The Work: Decoding What Experts Do To Grow Their Practices

As an actuary, Mo Bunnell was fond of using numbers and facts to prove the “why” behind everything. Pairing this skillset with his passion for connecting with people and love...
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Mo Bunnell

The Anatomy of Professional Services Marketing Automation

There has been a huge push within law firm marketing departments over the last couple of years to implement marketing automation programs. Now that firms are putting these platforms into...
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Matt Parfitt

Why Good Law Isn’t Good Enough – How to Use Data to Drive Your Firm to Great Law

Law firms abound with opportunities for growing revenue and attracting new business. The most successful law firms are those that employ manageable and measurable innovations that allow them to seize...
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Jim Durham

FUTURE THINK ROUNDTABLE #1: Building a Collaborative Team by Being a Strong Team Leader

To some “collaboration” may be the new buzz word being tossed about but to others, it’s a necessary strategic means to drive talent acquisition and retention, to provide top-shelf client...
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Silvia Coulter

Enhancing The Client’s Journey – How Marketing Analytics and CRM Data Can Help to Predict Client Needs

The universe of law firm data and modeling has changed vastly over the past few years. Although the volume of information that firms now capture is growing rapidly, few firms...
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Guy Alvarez
Yolanda Cartusciello

The New Normal – Why Reinventing the Law Firm Business Model is Imperative

Factors such as global competition, legal process outsourcers, changing regulatory requirements, rapid mergers and dissolutions, and alternative fee arrangements have shifted the legal marketplace into one of constant evolution. To...
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Ian Turvill

Knowledge Management for Business Development

Modern law firm business development sits at the intersection of knowledge management, technology and client experience. Knowing how to navigate this intersection is to key to BD success. This session will explain...
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Kate Cain
Matt Thompson

CRM of the Future & the Future of CRM

A lot is changing in the world of CRM systems for law firms. A $37 billion industry, Currently CRM leads all enterprise software categories in growth. More important, CRM is...
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Kevin Bosshardt
Chris Fritsch

Surviving Change:  Best Practices for Driving Change Management

Did you know that almost 45% of change management efforts fail? Many organizations assume a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to change management, but learn too late that the approach is ineffective. Successful...
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Elena Cutri